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Alin, thanks for the sample. BUT - I've now added two Tap events - first to start the spin and second to stop with a delay of 3000ms, and what actually happens is that every second click stops the spin! Which is what I wanted in the first place. Is this a bug??

By "Transparent" you mean alpha-only image, or a hidden element?

Why do you need to allow is a transparent element action sets at all?

Maybe there should be an "allows actions" parameter to an element...

No, I mean: first click spins, second click stops spin, third spins, forth stops, and so on and so forth

ok, so is there  a way to  set an action, so that every second click will stop the spin?

Another issue - you can't change the order of chained actions:

Clicking on the up arrow does nothing. I wanted to swap the last action with the one above, and I can't

Another small thing - please add tool tips to all buttons!



Did you check the example I sent that recreate the problem?



Of course it does...

See one page example below. Click on the crab to activate animation. You can easily see the problem: