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So what is the submission date ? Any change? Still, 1/2 of my book doesn't work anymore. Please advise, this is very discouraging.
Ezra, what are you demonstrating with this example? There's only frame animation with movement, I never said it doesn't work.
the bug is even worse then I though. I can't concatenate a set of linear animations anymore (move object along a path). The element is stuck after the first movement.
1ms doesn't work. It doesn't move at all...
please explain. In the past, this is the way I've been told it should be done. How do I use "move" for that? 
And why is that not a bug? If I set a move it 0 sec, how come it take 3 sec? And it used to work, until last week
Of course each scale separately does work. But if you try to scale to 80, followed by another scale to 125, it doesn't. Check out Ezra's example above - it doesn't work. It only zooms in, just a bit. As if both scales (down & up) are done simultaneously although defined as one after another
I think 3.4.1 claimed to have fixed this bug (how can I see the release notes after installation?) but the issue still exists
Guys, status was changed to "Fix" and so the release notes states (3.4.1) but now the scale example send by Alin is not working - only the scale to 80% works, the following scale back by 125% does nothing.
Change the 1000ms to 100ms in your example and see what happens. This is what I reported in the past. We've gone through that exercise in the past.
Now in my book, it stopped working altogether. I'll try to remove the animation and re-do it, but the fact remains that if the scaling is fast (sort of a blink effect), it doesn't scale back to the same size or position.
Well, it is a bug, believe me. Stuff that used to work in prev. now doesn't.
I reported two scaling bugs in the past:
1. - not fixed
2. By email to Ken and Ezra, Dec 26 2013:
Click to scale down (80%) followed by scale up (125%) – the second one doesn't work. Or actually it does, but it scales down even more instead of scaling back up (is there a way to reset??).

They confirmed the bug, but it is not fixed - worse, now it doesn't scale at all.
I thought I reported it here as well but I can't find it now.
I can privately share my app if required. Preparing a one page sample will take time and might not have the problem, as I've seen in the past
it IS very hard to login. The login window is so small, and it's pretty difficult to hit the edit box with your finger. then you type, but you can't see what is actually entered. It must be zoomed-in, IMHO