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A counter's value cannot be saved when the app is closed, but depending on the effect you'd like to achieve, you can use SaveText and text element–dependent conditions to affect behaviors in your app.

At this point, we don't have this feature planned for the near future, but I'll let our lead developer know about the suggestion.

Hmm ok thank you for letting me know. I guess the best workaround would be to replace the image with a new file (so that a file gets added to the app folder with a new name) and delete the original file from the app folder. If it's a file that doesn't take up too much file space, you don't need to worry about deleting the original from the app folder. The final app will only upload the files that are used in the app.
Ohh I see what you mean. Yes, if you'd like to update the image that's in your app folder, you can, and it should update, as long as the name remains the same. So for example, you could find the image file in your app folder, right-click on it, and select "Open with..." > Photoshop (or any image-editing program). Then once you make the changes, just make sure it saves as the same format (png or jpg) as the original instead of a psd, and the image in the app will be updated.

If I do not see an image get updated when I preview it in InteractBuilder, I clear my browser's history, because sometimes it uses the image from before without checking for an update in the file, since this saves loading time.

I hope this helps!
Hi Alex,
We have not stopped working, and we are hoping to be able to publish apps soon. I really apologize. I'm personally not on the technical side, but I use InteractBuilder to create apps for InteractStudios, so I don't have a more detailed answer.
Here's one alternative way to update an image:
  1. Open the app folder to see the name of the file you want to replace. If you imported it as a layer in a Photoshop document, the file will have a prefix from the name of the Photoshop file, but if you imported the image as a png or jpg, then it will have the original name of the file.
  2. Take the newly updated file, and give it the same name as the file in the app folder.
  3. Drag the new file into the app folder (or copy and paste it into the app folder).
  4. You'll get a dialog box that asks what you want to do about the two files that have the same name, and you can select the option that lets you replace the original file with the new file.
  5. In InteractBuilder, when you refresh the page by selecting the page from the page menu, you'll see the new image.
  6. The element will retain the same dimensions of the original image, so if the new image is a different size, you can change the dimensions of the element by entering the values into the element's info panel.

Hi there,
This could be an issue with one specific element or action set. In the book that is not working, do some of the pages work if you try to preview one page by itself instead of uploading the whole app?
78 MB is pretty big from my experience. Most of my recent apps have been 5-13 MB each, depending on the amount of images and audio. Try opening the app folder in your file browser (Documents / InteractBuilder / [name of the project group you're using] / [name of your app]). If you have the file browser organize the files by size, you can see which files are taking up the most space, which can help you see if it's just a couple of files that could be causing the problem. Maybe there are a couple of files whose dimensions are larger than they need to be or an audio file that can be compressed without losing too much quality.
Sure, you're welcome to use a pen name. As long as your contact information reflects information that we can use to reach you if needed and so that you can use your account to test or publish your app, you're all set.
Hi there,
I really apologize for the delay. We are working through some issues that are delaying the publishing process. At this point we are able to publish apps as web applications but not as mobile apps, but we are hoping to be ready to do this as soon as we can work through the problems we are facing. We will keep everyone updated as we move forward.

Inna Komarovsky