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I won't be able to join the Webinar on Sunday, but would like to because this is a major issue for me. Is there a way I can quickly get access to the information you share in the Webinar? I am afraid that if it's recorded, it won't be available until a later date, and I need to know what's going on ASAP.
Thanks, Laura
Wondering if anyone on your end has been able to test the new Player 3.4.3 on an iPad3 yet?
Still not working.
Thanks, Laura
hi Clint,
Thanks for the info...i had upgraded my ipad3 from ios 5 to ios 7.0.6 before i ever attempted to download player 3.4.3.
Am thinking that ipad 3 and ios 7 are not getting along.
ios 7.1 is due out soon and i hope that helps.

pardon the lack of capitalization...for some reason can't type cap letters here now.
Hi Clint,
I'm wondering what model of iPad you are using, and what version of OS?
With Player 3.4.3:
I have no problems with iPad2 using iOS 7.0.6.
I am having problems with iPad3 (Retina) using iOS 7.0.6.
Hi Alin,
I was able to download InteractPlayer 3.4.3 onto my iPad3 Retina without it asking for an update this time.
I checked and in fact it did download 3.4.3. (I did this over a different WiFi network, but don't know why that would have made a difference).
Anyway, when I play my app, it is still having the same issues it had before: delays, buttons not responding, animations out of sync, etc.

Thanks, Laura
I forgot to include my name when I sent via Hightail.
Hightail Subject: Problem downloading InteractPlayer 3.4.3 onto iPad3 Retina iOS 7.0.6
Name: Laura Stout
Thanks Alin...I am hightailing my app to Ezra's email now.

Hi Alin,
Thanks for your suggestion. I have three iPads that I have tested this on. All have iOS 7.0.6 installed. 
The two iPad2 that I have were able to download 3.4.3 properly, and my app is working correctly. When I did the download from the app store, it did not ask for an update.

I am still having a problem with my iPad3 Retina. I deleted existing Player, turned off iPad, then downloaded from the app store again.

Here is what I am seeing:
This is the InteractPlayer downloading:

After that is complete, I immediately get an update screen:

If I don't do the update, and look at what's downloaded, I see it is 3.4.2.
When I do the update, I get 3.4.3 but it screws up my app.

I tried restoring the settings to factory default (I did not erase any content), but that did not help.

Thanks for your help,
Hi Ezra,
I am not sure what files to send for a one page sample.
I duplicated my book, deleted all the pages except one, shared, and my folders for the one page sample still contain all the assets that my 27 page book did (54MB). Can you advise?
Thanks, Laura
Hi Alin,
Clearing the cache didn't solve the delay.
For page turns, it still takes 1 full second in Interact Mode, and 2 full seconds in InteractPlayer on iPad.
How quickly should I expect my pages to turn? The speed I have now is unsatisfactory.
Thanks, Laura