Player 3.4.3 not working correctly on iPad

Clint Sutton 10 years ago updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 10 years ago 20
Hi guys,

Just downloaded the new player 3.4.3 to iPad.  When I go to the bookshelf, I can see my downloaded apps, but when I tap on the icon, nothing happends, and the app does not open.  No matter how many times I have deleted the apps and reloaded them. None of them open.



Under review
Try to share a sample app and see if you can open it.
Under review
Try to share a sample app and see if you can open it.
Ok, got that fixed.

Now I am having the same problem Lara is having.  App running very slow.  All pages take a few seconds to load, then animations and interactions take a few seconds to react to taps.  This is across all pages.

Hi Clint,
I'm wondering what model of iPad you are using, and what version of OS?
With Player 3.4.3:
I have no problems with iPad2 using iOS 7.0.6.
I am having problems with iPad3 (Retina) using iOS 7.0.6.
Hi Laura,

I have an iPad3 Retina using iOS 7.0.2

I have not upgraded to the 7.0.6 iOS yet.

hi Clint,
Thanks for the info...i had upgraded my ipad3 from ios 5 to ios 7.0.6 before i ever attempted to download player 3.4.3.
Am thinking that ipad 3 and ios 7 are not getting along.
ios 7.1 is due out soon and i hope that helps.

pardon the lack of capitalization...for some reason can't type cap letters here now.
I just ran some tests on my Retina Mini with 7.0.6 after deleting and redownloading the player from the App Store. I used both of your apps (Laura - I used the one you'd sent over for testing; Clint - I was using a version from a few weeks ago), and I'm unfortunately not seeing the performance issues you've described. I'm seeing it take about 1-1.5 seconds to go between pages, and reactions to taps are immediate (or nearly so).

We don't have an iPad3 handy, but we're going to get access to one next week and test again (just in case the faster processor in the Mini is masking the issue).

One of us will report back after we've had a chance to test on the iPad3.

Hi Ken, those speeds sound about right.  That's how they should be responding.  Interresting that the Mini has a faster processor. 

Laura, I am not sure it's a iPad 3 and iOS 7 problem, otherwise my other games and apps would run really slowly as well. Also, I was running the previous versions of the Player on the same iPad and it was not running slowly. 

So I think it has to be something with the new Player 3.4.3

Anyway, thanks Ken, I hope you can solve it when you get the iPad 3.

Glad to see I am not alone- I have been doing the same things. I couldn't even get 2 pages to share properly without going back and forth- deleting the player and re-downloading it. Now I can't even download the player. I think I will wait for an update! The joys of new technology!
I'm having the same problems as Cathy with the new player and more.
When I was able to open my app on my iPad with the new player, all the text was tiny and word highlighting isn't working.  Trace letters isn't working.  Objects with spin on load or on tap become tiny. Drag and drop isn't working either.  Hopefully these issues will be addressed soon.
Wondering if anyone on your end has been able to test the new Player 3.4.3 on an iPad3 yet?
Still not working.
Thanks, Laura
I have been told that they are working on the player don't worry. What you see in interact mode is the way it will look. I shared my app with my daughter on her mini ipad and it all worked well even the text was correct size until I went back to a page via a jump and then the animations disappeared- so there are still issues. There is a problem with the sound volume on a mini ipad - this is something apple is working on apparently- it is very low on volume.
Yikes!  1-1.5 seconds to go from one page to the next.  I think that's pushing peoples patients from a user perspective.  That said I am counting roughly 4 seconds before I see any change of page. Using 3.4.3 and iPad 2 running 7.1.  I have spent most of my time adjusting graphic sizes, but oddly that has not affected speed at all.  Even when I dropped from 2048x1536 to 1024x768.  All my interactions are page jumps.  Am I missing something obvious? When is the new player fix said to come out? Thank you....
If you have an opportunity to join our webinar this coming weekend no Sunday March 30th at 10:00AM Central Standard Time, I would highly recommend it.  We will be addressing this very issue.  I have not made a decision on whether I will be recording this webinar.

Click here to register for the webinar.
I have to get my "app" running for a client today if possible.  Is there any way to provide a clue?  For starters, is this something I have control over and just don't know about? or is this going to be addressed in a future version of Interactbuilder?  Thanks...
It's being addressed in a future version of the builder, which runs much more smoothly and instantly.
I won't be able to join the Webinar on Sunday, but would like to because this is a major issue for me. Is there a way I can quickly get access to the information you share in the Webinar? I am afraid that if it's recorded, it won't be available until a later date, and I need to know what's going on ASAP.
Thanks, Laura
Ok.  Is there a beta I could try?  A bit desperate over here....  thanks.
When will the future version be ready?
Hi, sorry there's no beta version, and for anyone who can't make the webinar, you can email me at inna@interactstudios.com, and I'll send you an outline of the information covered in the webinar right afterwards.