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I've attached a small app with how the ToggleAudio behavior works. On first page I have two elements both with toggle audio behavior, and on the second page I have a text element with a PlayAudio on Page Load.

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We have seen this happen but are unable to recreate it consistantly.  If you can provide any specific steps on when this happens that would be extremely useful to help us address this issue

You can disable the global elements in the Page Properties.Here it is a link to show you were to find the global elements in the Page Properties:

Hi Melissa, this is how Swap behavior works.As target of the Swap behavior you select Self, and for the Swap Target you should specifiy the Next element which will be tapped.

Or you can select for the Target to be the element with which you want to swap the element that has the swap behavior, and for Swap Target select Self. I've attached an example on how to do this.100 -

On the example that I've attached to this reply you have to tap the Triangle and this element will Swap with the Square element. As you can see the Triangle has Tap-Swap with Target being element1(which is the Square) and the Swap Target is element2(which is the Triangle).

Well for example if you select the sound to be Off and the page refresh itself every time the sound will be on because you refreshed the page and the audio will go to default which mean On

We are glad that  you like it Melissa

Hi Ann, try downloading the lates IB3 version from the site and test it again. I made a sample book and the Spring Behavior is working.