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Could you try to re apply the rotate behavior? For me the rotate feature is working as it should:

So for the pages that  you are copying an element, the background is not displayed?
Here is a sample app for the situation you are trying to create:
Counter global
Let me know if you are having questions regarding this. Thank you for your feedback.
For the global counter you can use this:
On Page 1 instead of adding the behaviors on the counter itself, try to add a transparent graphic element and add the behaviors on it.
As for page 3 the increment behavior set on a shape element is working on the latest InteractBuilder version.
Sean let us know if you are still having this problems in the latest InteractBuilder version. Thank you for your feedback.
I was able to recreate this situation and forwarded to our lead developer. Thank you for your feedback.
At this moment the apps can only be tested in a browser.