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Wow Adeel, maybe I want to buy your app too! :-)
I can now create a flash animation in swf, decompile it into transparent png's (21 of them), and import into Interactbuilder as an animation :-) The tools to do this are free (or open source) from the Internet - I can share what they are if it's ok to do so here.
There is a bright side... 10,000 is very encouraging for the rest of us :-) 
Thanks, Ezra - I will probably end up using a combination of each - have been doing mockups all weekend.
Thanks, Charmaine - I have been experimenting with extracting the frames of an animated gif (in irfanview) in png format and importing them into Interactbuilder. Your suggestion with exporting Flash sounds similar. Thanks! Ted in Singapore :-)
Do you mean to zip it up and send it to you that way?
I think 'on page load' (as you had in the original 'Ken Burns' effect in the zip file for the mountain).  so that both effects happen simultaneously)
I can't seem to get the image to both (i) slowly zoom and (ii) follow an image path at the same time. I only see the first effect, but not the second (the interaction is set to 'none' for both actions (no need to tap). I have actually been unable to have one effect follow another when two are set up for an element. Am I missing something? Is it something about chaining the actions together?
Agreed. I shall have to consider which effects to use in the app. Is it correct that the effects are more limited for text elements?