Ken Burns Effect

Ted Ollikkala 10 years ago updated by Inna Komarovsky 10 years ago 14
Is it possible to have a timed slow motion 'pan & zoom' effect on a photo (called the Ken Burns Effect)? It would really hold the interest of a user, especially during narration :-) Thanks!
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Hello Ted, is this the effect you are looking to reproduce in InteractBuilder?
Ken effect.zip  
I'll run home and try it out (it probably is - thank you!!!)
The "Scale" behavior used in Alin's example should help you get the Ken Burns effect, and you can combine it with a transition animation if you need to zoom into a specific place on the image.
Awesome! This keeps getting better and better - I will have to experiment to see how large the original has to be in order to have undistorted resolution once zoomed in to the target area. Thanks so much, Alin and Inna :-)
Glad that we could help Ted.
I can't seem to get the image to both (i) slowly zoom and (ii) follow an image path at the same time. I only see the first effect, but not the second (the interaction is set to 'none' for both actions (no need to tap). I have actually been unable to have one effect follow another when two are set up for an element. Am I missing something? Is it something about chaining the actions together?
Are you trying to invoke both behaviors on page load? Or are you trying to chain them?
I think 'on page load' (as you had in the original 'Ken Burns' effect in the zip file for the mountain).  so that both effects happen simultaneously)
Could you send a sample app at alin@interactstudios.com with this situation and I will take a look at it. Thank you for your feedback.
Do you mean to zip it up and send it to you that way?
Ok I will look at the sample app and I will responde as soon as possible