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IB4 Install Problem - Can't be Opened error

Charmaine Anderson 10 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 10 lat temu 6
Hi Guys,
After installing IB4 into my applications folder on my MacPro, when I double click the IB4 icon, I get the error message below and I can't open the program. (Note,  I opted to replace the current version on install. ) Can you please advise a workaround?  Thanks much.
Image 217


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Hi Charmaine,

You can right-click (or ctrl+click) and choose "open" to work around that.
Here's an in-depth explanation (although the article is about Mountain Lion, it's still the same in Mavericks as far as I know).

Hope that works for you :)
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You can change your security preferences to let you install apps from unidentified developers and then it should let you install InteractBuilder.
Thanks Ezra and Alin.  I'll try that.  Do you know if the end users of my app will also have to do this once I get them published in the app stores?  Thanks.  
That worked, thanks much!
Charmaine, your users will 100% NOT have to do this. For the mobile apps the apps will be native and published under a developer account (ours or users), and if you want to publish a desktop app, well that actually ends up becoming just a web app. More on this at a later date.  Bottom line is that  you need not worry about your users having this experience.

Also, I wanted to give you a heads up, I know your app has a lot of pages and a lot of graphics.  The loading time when testing your app will take a while and in fact you may run into a couple of issues.  We are going to be using your app to optimize the engine as far as memory consumption, so don't panic if you run into any issues.