Flash Elements?

Ted Ollikkala 10 year бұрын жаңартылды 10 year бұрын 8
Are there any plans to enable a flash animation to be imported onto the canvas as an element? 
Hi Ted, in case  you haven't tried this already, you can create a movie clip in flash with a tweened animation, then right click on the movie clip and export it as a png sequence.  You can then import the frames of the png into interact builder as an animation. (You might want to optimize each frame of the animation before bringing it into the builder though).  I'll defer to the folks at Interactbuilder to answer your specific question though.
Thanks, Charmaine - I have been experimenting with extracting the frames of an animated gif (in irfanview) in png format and importing them into Interactbuilder. Your suggestion with exporting Flash sounds similar. Thanks! Ted in Singapore :-)
At this time we have no plans of adding an import option from Flash.
I can now create a flash animation in swf, decompile it into transparent png's (21 of them), and import into Interactbuilder as an animation :-) The tools to do this are free (or open source) from the Internet - I can share what they are if it's ok to do so here.
Wow Ted, that's awesome!   I actually would prefer you write a blog article on this one, so we can post it on our web site.  I can then also have Inna add this to our documentation.  There's another blog article for us :).  As you know we desperately need some articles. LOL.
I can do that - will save ppl time figuring out the creation and conversion process. One drawback is that it just takes a lot of manual clicking to add 21 pngs into the builder. I can't imagine a longer animation or mini-movie how many clicks that would have! Many thanks to Charmaine who put me on the right track in the first place :-)