WANTED: Interact Coach

West Bolz 10 years ago updated by Ted Ollikkala 10 years ago 4
I would like to find someone who can coach me on using InteractBuilder.  I realize even though this is a user-friendly platform, one still needs to know the gameplan of how to build certain functions and methods that are most efficient.  Things like setting up a counter are not covered well in the tutorials and user manual.  I can spend hours trying to figure things out, or talk to someone who can tell me in minutes.  If you would like to help me, please shoot me an email.  I am willing to pay for your time.  Thanks, .  west@etacarina.net
Hi West I hope you found someone to help coach you. If you are still needing help we can schedule some time with someone from our studio to work with you, just let us know.  In the meantime there is a Getting Started webinar that is being hosted this coming Sunday which I think you will find very valuable.   Below is the link to register for the webinar:


We will be going over the basics of app building with the latest version of the InteractBuilder.  There will be some great tips and advice and hopefully can help get your going with our product.
Hi Ezra, thanks for your reply.  I have not found anyone yet.  If I could get some assistance sometime that would be great.  The functions I am planning are beyond the basics webinars.  
I wonder if there could be made available a selection of categorized sample demos to download that would provide examples of such items as counter functions, and more advanced (but commonly used) effects. A repository of zip files that can be downloaded and extracted into the 'Book' folder and run. That would be a lifesaver. I also spend hours figuring out how to do make things happen in Interactbuilder - so much trial and error learning.