published dimensions don't stick

SeanB il y a 7 ans mis à jour par Alin Alexandru Matei il y a 7 ans 4
See the first image here I have the iphone dimensions set:

I threw in my shelf thumbnail as the nav icon. I see it flash briefly, then the screen resizes up to some larger dimension. I see this on my iphone 4:

There is no pinch/zooming, no navigation, and none of the links work.

I am unable to test anything on my phone.
When I first started testing dimensions on this book, I did see it come in at the iPhone screen. Items were misaligned. Now I am unable to even get a phone dimension.

If this book is corrupt, I am screwed. I cannot rebuild my book from page one, new book, everytime a page gets worn out and corrupted.
with some mad tapping I got back to the app home. Umm...

Thanks, for now I'm leaving it set for Ipad and relying on the builder's  Interact mode.