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Cool, then I have just a couple graphics left to add, and it's time to hit Publish! :)
Thanks. For now in order to proceed with Publishing, I'm adding two line breaks at end of each text. Seems fine in the previews. What do you think?
Wow yes that was it, thanks Inna!!
BTW I believe this is a regression from the latest build. It was fine previously.
Thanks Inna, I just emailed you a zip (this is on PC version)
How can we escalate this? It's a showstopper.
Also affects drop shadows. There is a hacky workaround, adding 3 empty lines at the end. Not sure that's a good idea.

Zip of the problem
Alin I emailed you a zip sample page with the bug.
Reopening Regression in Version 4.0.9 Build 390.

Static image object, layer 6 > tap = Show animation object (frame 1 looks like static image) & animate it & play Audio (animation and audio loop)
Animated image, layer 4 > tap = Stop Animation & hide self & Stop Audio

I have this setup the same way on two different pages, and it's broken on both.

1 I tap the static image, actions work fine. 
2 I tap the animated image (to stop the animation/audio i.e. return to static state) and actions work fine
3 I repeat step 1, animation starts and freezes at I assume frame 1, Audio does not start
4 I attempt to repeat step 2, nothing happens
Unfortunately you are right, I just re-read the docs. Even with our own dev account, we still need them to deliver us a zip for us to process. I had just been emailing with Ezra. I need to submit through IB4.

Then back to my seat, while we remain in a holding pattern for IB team to land this thing. Is there a waitress on this flight? I'd like to order a coctail...