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It works about the same as the previous arrangement. Sometimes it grayscales, sometimes it jumps, sometimes it works, but never consistently. Any other suggestions?
Like this:

I used delaybefore 100 ms on the jump, the sound is just a tiny click.
The most recent of everything.

It doesn't do it every time, the last time it was all good.
That worked. Thanks!
With a chained behavior, what would I use to make the delay?
All right! I took off the tap>playaudio and it works great. So cool. Thanks for you help.
It does work in builderplayer, but not on the ipad.
Update. I tried it on the ipad and it works better, but still not quite right. I don't know if this is adding too much complication, but I've added a sound element to the interaction, a little bell. When I tap the sky a star appears without a sound most of the time, but then every 5th star, a tap will induce a sound but no star.

I'm wondering if there is a malfunction with the tapend interaction because I'm having trouble with it on my menu also. I have a tapend>jump, tap>grayscale, tap>playaudio.

It works sometimes, but not all the time.
I was so excited about the new solution! But I can't get it to work consistently. The first three stars work and then it doesn't work all the time...just occasionally on the player. I'll upload to the ipad and see how that works. I tried just using tap instead of tap end and it will consistently place a star every other tap. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for looking into it's such a magical possibilty!