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This was fixed in the latest version. Let us know if you are still having problems regarding this situation.
Could you make a one page sample app with these two sentence, zip it and send it to so we can check for a possible bug? Thank you for your feedback. 
Let us know if you are still having problems using our latest update.
Are the sound effects from an app that was build with the previous version? Or on an app created with the latest IB version?
Could you try using a different Internet Connection on your iPad, and then test again?
Could you make a sample app with one page and try the process again to see if it works with an app with one page? Just make an app with one page, add an element to that page, then try to test it in InteractMode.
Are you trying to upload it to InteractCloud to work on InteractBuilder? Or are you trying to see how your app looks in InteractMode?