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stopAudio behavior oddly inconsistent

SeanB 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
Not sure if this is a bug. Prior to the latest release, build 388, I had a "stopAudio" (Inna's suggestion) on my initial sentence taps, with a chained "playAudio". This was to prevent multiple clicks causing an echo effect firing off repeated playbacks. I don't want to use "stop all audio".

As of 388 I must remove that stopAudio in order for the playAudio to work. It now nicely ignores subsequent clicks WHILE the audio is playing back. Excellent.

BUT, behavior changes for hidden sentence #2. Once I tap something that hides #1, and shows #2, I must keep the "stopAudio" for tap on sentence #2, with playAudio chained to it. In this case stopAudio does not prevent the playback of the sentence #2, BUT it is now required to prevent multi-tap firing repeated "echo" playbacks.

In short, I can achieve what I want, but it is strange that behavior differs between the 1st - visible - sentence and the 2nd - hidden - sentence. It'd be nice if sentence #2 playback was also smart enough to block repeated playbacks while a playback is in progress.
Under review
Could you make a one page sample app with these two sentence, zip it and send it to alin@interactstudios.com so we can check for a possible bug? Thank you for your feedback. 
Did not reproduce when I created the single page. It may be the complexity of other actions on the pages. Well, I will leave alone what I have since it works.