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Yes it says the name correctly and I checked it is included in the app folder as well. It's a .mov file.
Thanks Inna, I believe that was the issue. Now when I hit the play button it shows the video border but does not load the video. Do you know how much time does it take for the video to load (it's a 681 KB video made in QuickTime Player)? 


I just launched where very soon you will be able to find information such as marketing techniques, app store optimzation and tracking etc., both in blog and video tutorials format. Apart from that there are of course templates and assets available as well that can be used in IB!

Thanks, found the extended menu and emailed the app link to you. Thanks.

Thanks Ezra, just downloaded the latest version, created a new animation app and tested, it is working now.

FYI: I still do not see the Rebuild and Resync... option on any of the existing or new apps.

And my app 'Exploring Careers' is still failing while converting.

InteractBuilder Version: 4.0 Build 385
Device: MacBook Air
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB
System: 10.9.5

An error occurred while accessing the database.

An error occurred while accessing the database.

Database Error: no such column: TP
Query: SELECT Opacity FROM PageElements WHERE Id=TP

image id 11780633 of group id 4893680 of group id 4893080 of card id 1002 of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",mouseUp,62,button id 1020 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"
card id 1002 of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",LoadApp,1510,button id 1007 of group id 1010 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"
stack "libApp" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",ExportApp,6150
stack "libApp" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",ExportPageToJSON,6609
stack "libApp" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",ExportPageElements,7125
stack "libApp" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",AddBehaviorsToJSON,8654
stack "libApp" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",ibDB,10059
stack "libApp" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",CheckDBErr,10038
stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DoError,16147,button id 1004 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "/Applications/ Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"
Ezra, just emailed the zip file to Thanks.
Thanks Alin, the latest version from today resolved that issue. Though it ended up creating two versions on
Hey Ted, sure I would love to share my experience of building with IB and the marketing mechanism I used for my apps. I will be out vacationing in Houston for next few days so can get back to you after that. Thanks for the offer!

Thanks Ted, it helps focusing on a niche area and of course I keep switching between Free and Paid.
For sure :) Ted.

I am very much looking forward to upgrading apps to IB 4.0 as it will improve the performance greatly/reduce size, which were the two points reported by users.