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Hi Inna,

Thanks for finally replying. I am not too concerned about the apps not being published yet, this is more about not keeping me notified about anything. I have been left in the dark for 5 months!

Anyway, I will wait to hear what is happening.

Hello Inna. I don't know if you have been reading my posts? But I have had no replies from anyone on your team for months! This is the first I have seen or heard about things!

Please keep me posted. I have already started re-building my app in an alternative platform other than InteractBuilder. I do not want to have to leave you guys.

Hi Ezra, that is very good news!  I am finding that it all comes down to speed when working.  And problems that can come with internet speeds and server errors.  When I am designing and I need to quickly check a change to see how something works, I need to see it as soon as possible.  And if it takes too long to view a change, then I tend to forget what it is that I am trying to accomplish.  So having a choice to view it sooner on my computer would be a big advantage to us!

Thanks for all your hard work again!
Hi Inna, Thanks.  But I don't want to have to clear my browsing data every time!  I will loose important pages.  Hopefully you can fix this!
Hi Ezra,  Thanks for replying.

Ok, I get why you had to change this, and I think it's great that it can be seen better now on all devices and platforms.  I am not sure how it will work for me yet though.  I will have to see how much in Data an app of mine will be using each time I do a test.  If it works out to be a problem, then this could be a deal breaker for me.  But let me test it out a few times first.
She also sent this  "i put in my email address and this password 9476EIIC, but it kept saying it wasn't valid"
Hi Ann,  Thanks very much!

Hi Ken, those speeds sound about right.  That's how they should be responding.  Interresting that the Mini has a faster processor. 

Laura, I am not sure it's a iPad 3 and iOS 7 problem, otherwise my other games and apps would run really slowly as well. Also, I was running the previous versions of the Player on the same iPad and it was not running slowly. 

So I think it has to be something with the new Player 3.4.3

Anyway, thanks Ken, I hope you can solve it when you get the iPad 3.

Hi Laura,

I have an iPad3 Retina using iOS 7.0.2

I have not upgraded to the 7.0.6 iOS yet.

Ok, got that fixed.

Now I am having the same problem Lara is having.  App running very slow.  All pages take a few seconds to load, then animations and interactions take a few seconds to react to taps.  This is across all pages.