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Thanks Alin! I will try that. My only concern with integrating localized audio into the same app is that it will increase the file size and download time, I guess this is a good reason to build smaller apps if you use this method.  
On a Mac, hold down the CTRL/Command/4 keys and you can select the area on your screen to capture.  On a PC there are a few ways to do this, here's a link that will give you PC options: http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-take...
I'm having the same problems as Cathy with the new player and more.
When I was able to open my app on my iPad with the new player, all the text was tiny and word highlighting isn't working.  Trace letters isn't working.  Objects with spin on load or on tap become tiny. Drag and drop isn't working either.  Hopefully these issues will be addressed soon.
Thanks Ann!  I'm looking forward to seeing your app also!  It's been a fun journey!
Hi Alin, I decided to use a counter instead of trying to make the button play hidden text which resolved my problem.  Thanks for showing me how to use a counter.
One way you could do this is to create a More Apps page within your app that has icons and short descriptions of your other apps and link to them in the app store.  If it is an app for kids you could put a Parent gate so kids can't access the links.  
This is not a bug, it was user error on my part.  I didn't realize in addition to setting the Word Highlighting option to Yes and Define the Narration options in the Properties Panel that one also had to Set the Action to Play Narration in the Action panel.  You can close this now, but you might want to update your User Guide to reflect this. Thanks.
I've noticed this also, not sure if this is related but my transition animated elements often stop looping when they get to their resolve point.  Thanks for looking into this issue.
Fix for slow load on launch: I manually deleted the contents of my Cache folder (but kept the cache folder itself) and that solved the slow on launch issue.  My app now loads immediately when I open the file in IB3.

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