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Thanks Inna. I think in the meantime it would be wise to increase it a bit (i.e., 10 devices) because it is not the first time it happened to me 
Now it seems to work fine, after re-syncing again. You can close this bug, i'll update if it happens again, and send a link.
I'm using build 408 - current latest. It was build, I guess, in build 407. I didn't re-build it for this version
I'll have to disagree - if you don't see it - you can't tap it. That's what I would do. Or at least add an option for that.
Anyway, I have more than 100 of those in the book, there's no chance I'll add each the same animation as their underlying element.
Any other trick to overcome it?
Your sample app works exactly as I've mentioned, on my iPad (4):

The problem is only on the iPad. I have player version 3.4.3 build 355