Double Tap bug

Charmaine Anderson 10 year бұрын updated by Inna Komarovsky 9 year бұрын 2
Problem:  Animated png sequence vanishes and reappears with vertical transition in Interact mode.

Action Set to reproduce:  On Tap > animate element > Loop Yes  >  Transition horizontally a short distance. On Double Tap > Stop Animation. 

In Interact mode, it behaves ok, Except after stopping the animation on Double Tap. Tap the element again, the element disappears and then reappears with a vertical transition flying up and down which was not intended.  This happens consistently on other elements in my app that use double tap with a transition animation set to loop.  (Note I did not chain the Double Tap to the On Tap event).


Thank you for the feedback we were able to recreate this problem and we are currently fixing it.