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Problems opening Interactplayer on IPAD

winsomeworks 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
I am trying to open my app on my IPAD and still have not been able to open it.  Interactplayer has allowed me to put my email and password but is stuck there  Any suggestions?
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Hi, does it say anything on the login screen, like that the password is wrong, or does it show a black screen after you log in?
It just won't open  It doesn't say that the password is wrong.  It just continues in the window thinking.  Later, It said that I had "oops too many registered devices"  Ezra has cleared this out before but I have never been able to open my app on IP4 since the IB4 updates.  I am creating it on my IMAc and IP will open there, but not on my IPAD.