animation won't play on second tap

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Animated graphic elements (.png sequences) set NOT to loop won't play in Interact mode on second tap.   I tried changing the replay from 0, to 1, to 100 and it still won't play again on second tap.  Kids will want to keep tapping things to make them happen again so it would be nice if we could resolve this.Thanks for looking into this or advising what I might be doing wrong.  


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Could you make a sample app with the animations of those graphic elements? Thank you.
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Could you make a sample app with those graphic elements? Thank you.
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Could you make a sample app with the animations of those graphic elements? Thank you.
Reopening Regression in Version 4.0.9 Build 390.

Static image object, layer 6 > tap = Show animation object (frame 1 looks like static image) & animate it & play Audio (animation and audio loop)
Animated image, layer 4 > tap = Stop Animation & hide self & Stop Audio

I have this setup the same way on two different pages, and it's broken on both.

1 I tap the static image, actions work fine. 
2 I tap the animated image (to stop the animation/audio i.e. return to static state) and actions work fine
3 I repeat step 1, animation starts and freezes at I assume frame 1, Audio does not start
4 I attempt to repeat step 2, nothing happens
Alin I emailed you a zip sample page with the bug.
How can we escalate this? It's a showstopper.
Hi Sean,

I'm trying to recreate the problem, but I can't seem to get the same effect. Would you mind sending the sample page to me as well, at inna@interactstudios.com?

Thank you for reporting the problem!
Thanks Inna, I just emailed you a zip (this is on PC version)
BTW I believe this is a regression from the latest build. It was fine previously.
Thank you for sending the sample! I see what I did differently in my test. On the static image, I had used the following action sets:

Tap-Show (the frame element)
Tap-Animate (the frame element), loop
Tap-PlayAudio, loop

In your sample, the second and third action sets are chained to happen after the first one. This makes sense, since you want to show the element before animating it, but actually it works fine if everything is set to happen at the same time.

It looks like the problem you found has to do with using any kind of looping behavior within a chain of action sets. I'll let Ken know about this problem. But for your app, you can fix the problem by taking the behaviors out of the chain and setting them to happen when the element is tapped.

I hope this helps!
Wow yes that was it, thanks Inna!!
I'm glad! :) You're welcome!