Still problems with green box after update today on September 23

winsomeworks 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 8
Such a bummer!  I am still having problems with the black box with green highlights after the update today.  I restarted the program and my computer before opening my app.  
Sorry I forgot to mention that narration does not work of the pages with frame animation as well.  I would love to send you a zip of my app but I am not sure where/how to send it.  Thanks! Rita
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You would have to use something like DropBox, to send use your app you would have to compress your application folder which is under your Documents folder under the folder called InteractBuilder.  Once you compress your folder you can copy it to DropBox and then share the link with us.
So I believe that I did that and sent the link to your email Ezra
Did you receive my link to Dropbox yesterday?  Thanks! Rita
Rita, I assume you downloaded version 4.0.5 which should resolve the issue so I'm closing this ticket.  One thing I noticed on your app folder is that it is HUGE!!!  Almost half a gigabyte.  For people with a device that only has 16GB you would be occupying a significant portion of space.    I never downloaded your app because it really is way too big, if you do end up with a problem, it would be best for you to create a one page sample, this way we can identify the issue a lot easier.  In the meantime, I would look at your graphics, videos and audio and see if you can reduce the overall size of your app.
The following article has some tips for reducing the size of an app: How can I minimize the size of my app?
Thanks Inna! Buoy are so awesome!