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Text Input and saving to multiple pages

Trevor Boulton 7 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 7 years ago 8
I am wanting users to be able to type in a text input box and have the contents saved and displayed on multiple pages. I think the answer might be here http://feedback.interactbuilder.com/topic/295267-save-text/ but the attached file is missing.
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Hello Trevor, here's the sample app from that post regarding text input:
251 - SetText.zip
Thank you for your feedback.
Thanks, where can I now find step by step instructions for users to be able to type into a text input box and have the contents saved and displayed on multiple pages?
If you'd like the text to be editable on each page where it is available, you can use the notes element like in the instructions here: Notes

If you want the text to simply be visible and not necessarily editable on each page where it is visible, then you can use the following steps. The text element will have the same location and appearance on each page:

1. On the page where the user can edit the text, add an element separate from the text that asks the user to enter the text (a button that they click in order to start editing). That element would have the following action sets:
- Interaction: Tap, Behavior: Text > SetText, Target: the text element that will be customized.
- Interaction: (none), Behavior: Text > SaveText, Target: the text element that will be customized.

2. Open the action set manager to chain the behaviors so that SaveText happens right after SetText.

3. Make the editable text global.

4. For any pages where you don't want the text to be visible, open the page options, and under Features change the Show Global Elements field to No.
Thanks Inna, all that is OK but will not save the text so that it is displayed when the app is re-opened.

Do you anticipate that having a text input field that is saved on exit and able to be seen in differing places on various pages will be a feature of IB4?

I have been doing this on webpages with Java and in widows exe files as variables - this an example http://www.boultons.com.au/Download%20Free%20Files...
The "SaveText" does exactly that.  It saves the text permanently to the database.  The next time the app runs it will show the new value that was saved.
Thanks, it was not saving when chained, I needed to trigger it with a separate element - good to know there is a database.

Can we have different text locations on pages with IB4?
Yes, but I need to have them display text that was saved on previous pages and be in different positions. So global is not an option as it is in a fixed location.
This option is not available, but it could be a nice feature in the future. Thank you for your feedback.