10 Laser Engraved Gift Ideas for Your Coming Holidays

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Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are racking our brains to create the perfect laser engraved gift for that special someone. If you're like most people, you probably have a lot of people on your Christmas shopping list ready to shop.

Laser engraving opens up a whole new world of possible personalized holiday gift ideas. With personalized engraving, you can turn the simplest gift or idea into something personal, unique and truly special.

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Most importantly, you know exactly what you're getting for the guy who has it all or nothing. Laser engraved gifts are not just a gift, they are a work of art and a keepsake that the recipient can keep forever and always remember who they got it from.

If you own a laser cutter for the holidays, you're like an elf in Santa's workshop creating all kinds of personalized gifts for everyone you love, right?

For inspiration this holiday season, here are our 10 laser engraved gift ideas for your special someone:

1. Engraved Gold Pendant

Engraved jewelry is a timeless and emotional gift. Whether it's an inspirational quote or an anniversary, engraveable necklaces, rings and bracelets will always be with you.

Add a personal touch to a special jewelry gift for that special someone. Celebrate life's personal moments and capture messages from the past with a piece of classic yet contemporary jewelry.

Engrave your favorite spell, your favorite name, or the initials of your loved ones on these keepsake jewelry. Carefully crafted custom items lead every modern person through the ever-changing era in a stylish way.

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2. Personalized carved wooden cutting board
If someone in your family loves to cook and enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a custom cutting board (or other kitchen gadget) is a great way to add more fun. One of his favorite hobbies. Especially during Christmas time.

Wooden cutting boards can easily be engraved with the recipient's name, special holiday wishes, quotes from a favorite poem or culinary theme, shared recipes, or pictures of the recipient's favorite food. There's no limit to creativity with this project - the wooden cutting board is essentially a blank canvas for laser engraving.

3. Solid wood laser engraved individual coasters

Any of these solid wood coasters would make a great conversation starter or gift for a friend or loved one, or even a great piece of art to put on the table with the family this holiday season.

A beautiful set of wooden coasters carefully engraved with the name, date or text of your choice. This special gift can remind your family and friends of special events in their lives. They're also perfect for weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, or any special occasion that calls for a personal and creative style sure to delight the recipient!


These coasters are handmade functional home art because these coasters not only save table surface, but also are super holiday decoration.

4. Laser cutting and engraving beverage name tags

Imagine your guests' reactions when they see their names on these personalized wooden beverage place cards! It's the perfect way to wow your guests this holiday season. You have the option to adjust the shape, font, size and style to perfectly fit your wedding.

Your laser cut and engraved wooden beverage place cards will be the highlight of a dazzling show. They are made of solid wood. creative! Use them as add-on cards, place cards or just for sharing messages.

5. Personalized Laser Engraved Tableware
All we want to do this holiday season is go home and see our family, friends and everyone we love again.

However, the wait time on the luggage carousel can be one of the most heartbreaking, sweaty, annoying times of the entire travel experience. Even the most seasoned traveler would be intimidated if he didn't see his luggage slide off the conveyor belt.

As with most aspects of travel, the best planning is planning. Secure and Unique Luggage Tag By personalizing the luggage tag ID card with laser cut and engraved information, it will help you identify it easily as it will stand out from the crowd and of course help you return your lost luggage bring home.

7. Personalized Laser Engraved Wine Glasses/Mugs

These personalized wine glasses are the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, or even for any occasion. Personalize it with your name and logo!

Personalized wine glasses are ideal if you're looking for the "perfect" gift for a discerning recipient who seems to have it all, or if you're looking for a personal gift for a holiday occasion. Pair them with your loved one's favorite wine and you'll always be known as the best gift giver in town.

Surprise the wine lover in your life and a great way to celebrate a memorable moment.

8.UV printing jewelry

3D printed jewelry is on the rise right now, and there's nothing stopping you from taking full advantage of 3D technology. Traditional jewelry making is a meticulous and time-consuming process.

It’s important to note that when we talk about 3D jewelry printing, we’re not talking about printing jewelry directly from precious metals. While it's definitely possible, and the technology is advancing rapidly, most jewelers won't use a 3D printer in this way, as the technology isn't exactly affordable.

Interestingly, 3D printed jewelry is really cheap in the market. Get inspired by 3D printed bracelets and other decorative elements and see what you can achieve with them.

Best of all, these UV printed jewelry can be a one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season as they keep coming up with new and truly inspiring results.

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9.UV printing picture wall

There's nothing like hanging a beautiful piece of light art in your beautiful home, especially during this Christmas season when everyone comes together to celebrate.

Just when you thought art could only have so much to offer to those of us who love art but don't have extraordinary talent, you discover something new. This doesn't just apply to one medium or genre, but many.

No assembly required, just hang it on the wall to change the vibe of your home. "Printing is performance", then UV seems to have opened up a series of new play scenarios for photography. All that remains is to determine how long the execution will last.

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10. Laser Engraved Dog Tags

Unfortunately, your pet will probably run away at least once in his life.

This happens to everyone. No matter how careful we are or how secure our garden fence is, at some point our dogs will try to escape. Sooner or later they will. We don't want that.

Save the heartache by adding a custom and fitting pet tag for your pet. Your mind will thank you later. Laser engraved pet tags are also a perfect gift for our loved ones who also love their pets.

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