Actions disappear after previewing in Interact mode

Charmaine Anderson 10 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 10 years ago 0

Actions set on animated elements randomly vanish from the Action Set Manager after previewing behavior in Interact mode.  In Interact mode the element doesn't always work the second or third time you tap the element (I do have it set to replay the behavior).  The targeted hidden element Shows and animates once and then the animation loop stops working, or the targeted element won't Show anymore.

I have tried to reset the same action over and over again in Design mode and some of the actions vanish after I preview in Interact mode. Very frustrating.

To reproduce:

Place (3 or 4) animated (png sequences) on the stage. No actions are assigned to them.  Make them NOT visible in interact mode.  

Place (3 or 4) several static image elements control the animated png sequence with these chained actions:

On Tap > Show > Animated PNG element, Animate > Loop > Yes, Transition > set coordinates > Bounce Yes > Replay  Yes, Hide > Other animated element(s).