Creating an App thats all dimensions

Eleisha Perreira 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 12
I already created the Ipad app and tried it on the iphone. It has black bars on the sides which I am assuming the way its "automatically" resized. However, I can create that same app in the correct dimensions but how will that work when it comes time to publish. When the iphone app is downloaded, I want the app I created for the iphone to pull up. Same thing for android and the ipad. How does this work? What do I do?
Would I have to rebuild it in the correct dimensions so the black bars do not show up? Will they all be separately published but automatically detected with the users device when downloading?
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Hi Eleisha here is a link towards our user guide were you can find more information about this situation:

Basically for Android of for devices with smaller or bigger resolution you can make a copy of your app and adjust the resolution of it for other devices as shown in the link above. Let us know if you need anymore information. Thank you for your feedback.
Changing the dimensions clearly messes up the entire layout.  

Im talking about when it comes time to publish, I'll have 6 apps instead of two. How does this work in the App Store? They have to search between iPad, iPhone, or android?

does it only have one app but downloads to the correct device automatically?

on this page, under number 13: it says make available for iPhone and such. Since your program automatically reconfigures the app and I don't like the way it does it with a messed up layout and black bars on the side how do I ensure the correct app for each device is being downloaded automatically 
Hi Eleisha,

This part isn't yet automatic in the "Publish" screen, so you can just send a private message through the feedback site (in the same way that you send the loading screen) and let us know which app is for which marketplace. This way, if you adjust an app for a different device's dimensions, only that app will be available in that device's app marketplace.

Regarding the way that the elements are arranged when the dimensions of a copy of the app are changed, the background becomes stretched, and the elements stay in place in relation to the corner of the screen. You can edit and replace the background image and then move the elements to their correct locations on the screen.
So currently my client has 2 ebooks. They are both built in the ipad dimensions. I will have to edit every page and duplicate each book twice. One for iphone and the second for android. When it comes time to publish, I just message you and send you all the device versions per each app?
how will this work through the user end? Am I going to have to publish multiple apps and when it is searched for all 3 will pop up and the user will have to pick one? I would rather they all be under one app and the correct app size for their device is selected. as apps are now.
Currently different devices have different aspect ratios.  If you want to avoid the black border lines between apple and android devices you will have to create two versions of your app, one with a 4:3 aspect ration (1024x768) and one with a 16:9 ratio (eg. 1920x1080).   Most Android devices are 16:9 ratio so users would not see border lines.

Now as far as Apple, the screen ration of iPads is 4:3 (1024x768, or 2048x1536 for the retina iPads), the challenge comes in with iPhone 5 and latest generation iPods which are all 71:40 aspect ratio 1136x640. This is an odd ratio and iPhone 4 which is a 3:2 ration (960x640).  With all these resolutions if we would automatically adjust your graphics it's inevitable that one of the devices the images would look stretched so we have to maintain the proper aspect ration so that your app looks good.  We recommend creating a tablet version of your app and a separate phone version.  The phone version should be targeted as an iPhone 5 resolution and then iPhone 4 would in fact show some border lines but the border lines should not be very big.  Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the black borders on the iPhone 4 using our solution.  

Users would only see a single entry when searching for your app in the Apple App store because each version of your app would be flagged as either a tablet version of phone version so the end user would not see two entries.

Hope this all makes sense.  I know it's a bit of a pain, but in general you can easily duplicate your apps, change the dimensions  and submit each version as the appropriate one.

In summary you should look to create 3 versions:
1. Android version 16:9 ratio
2. iPad version 4:3 ratio
3. iPhone version 71:40 ratio

In the future we have some ideas on how to handle in a more automated way but for now this is the best advice to follow.

Thanks. I understood that I needed to make the apps separably in their own dimensions. It was the publishing part I didn't understand. So do I have to publish these apps separately? This will all have the $99 fee each?!?!