Changes not saving and text box sizes reset after installing latest version this morning.

Charmaine Anderson 10 years ago updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 10 years ago 1

Text box size is being reset to smaller width on all existing pages  after installing latest IB3 update this morning (10/7).  The result is the text within the existing text boxes is wrapping and being hidden from view.

 When I try to readjust the width on the text boxes  and preview in Interact mode, the change made is not being displayed and when I go back into design mode the change has not been saved.  When I close and reopen the app and try to resize the text in design mode, the change does not save. Happens consistently.   The odd thing is the info box indicates the width is wider than what is actually being displayed in design and interact mode. I CAN'T SAVE THE FIX TO THE PROBLEM, either using the text box handles or the info box to reset the width so the text isn't wrapping and hidden from view.

Please fix as soon as you can, thanks.

Absolutely, all the text boxes are reacting as you described.  These text boxes were working properly prior to the update.  Some of the graphic elements have also moved off their mark and every time I try to reposition them properly, they revert to their new wrong position.  In addition, the same element that has repositioned is also a trigger for an animation and it will not activate the animation. I've tried rebooting, making the changes again and still the same result.  Ditto with the fix request.  Thanks,  Ann