Publishing the app - Apple, Android store

Eleisha Perreira 10 years ago updated 9 years ago 3
I am trying to move forward with publishing my app but keeps bringing me in a loop.

After I fill out the needed info (App name, my own dev account, upload screenshots, app cover, description, tags, etc) It prompts me with "saved for publishing" with a close box option. I am unsure of what the next step is.

When I log back into my interact player account, My app changed to the correct title and the new cover I uploaded is displaying correctly. When I click on the apps drop down and click on publish again, it brings me to the same form to fill out.

Am I missing a step?

Do I have to log into my apple development account?

Please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you so much for all the hard work in advance!!!


Any news or feedback on this?
Eleisha, the steps to publish are as follows:

Step 1.
Submit your app for publishing - you have done this (multiple times, only one time is necessary)

Step 2
We assemble the app and get it ready for compiling (this can take up to 3 to 5 working days)

Step 3 (Only applies if you are using your own developer account)
We will send you back a zip file that you will load into another site to compile the apps for the app stores.  The product we use to compile apps is called: Cocoon JS.  You can sign up and start getting ready to upload the zip file we will be sending you.

Step 4 (Only applies if you are using your own developer account)
Submit the compiled app that you receive in step 3 to the app stores under your accounts

Here is a link on how Cocoon works:

The two steps above are only necessary when you use your own developer account.  
Ezra, any update on what is going on??  I also cannot log into interact player because it states I already used 10 devices, how is this possible when I am using the same computer and do not even have access to 10 devices??