Layers Bug

Charmaine Anderson 10 year бұрын updated by Inna Komarovsky 9 year бұрын 2
It appears you cannot have more than one object on any layer. If possible,  please enable the ability to have multiple elements residing on the same layer, as the code provided to me by Alin awhile back seems to require this feature.  See below for details.

I have a "coloring book" page with several different crayons, I want the ability to draw with each crayon without it drawing immediately until the crayon is placed where the user wants to begin their drawing on the page.  (Alin provided me with the code below, however this only works with ONE crayon, when I duplicate the code on the other crayons on the page, it doesn't work on the other crayons.  I have determined this is a layers issue and the code provided will only work on the crayon that is on the top layer.  I think if you were able to enable multiple elements residing on the same layer, this code would work on all the crayons, not just the top level crayon.  (See page 46 of the sample app I had shared with Alin awhile back).   Here is the code he provided: 
Crayon (On layer above Crayon_COPY), Visible Yes)
1. Drag > Move > Self > On Load >NO
2. Drag End > Hide Self
3. Drag Move >Crayon_COPY > On Load > NO

Crayon_COPY (on layer beneath Crayon) , Visible Yes)
1. Drag > Draw > set width, constraints, etc. On Page Load > Yes
2 DragEnd > Show Crayon> On Page Load > NO
3. Drag > Move Crayon

If there is another way to accomplish this, please advise.

Thanks so much for looking into this issue.



Under review
We are looking into this problem, and we will let you know as soon as we found a solution.