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Accessing my apps from another computer! I commented updated on the error!!

Eleisha Perreira hace 10 años actualizado por Dyann Joyce hace 9 años 16
I have 2 computers and currently have Interactbuilder installed on one computer. 

I am wondering if it is possible to access my apps that I have created on both computers. I can easily install InteractBuilder on both computers but will I be able to access my ebooks using some sort of cloud sharing or database backup so I will be able to access and edit the apps from both computers while having them both consistently being updated?

Please ANYONE!? It would be very helpful and would allow me to create multiple apps over the years since I am a graphic designer, I like to do a lot of work OUT of my house. Please help me become mobile and able to work anywhere but these four boring walls!!!
I wanted to let you know that when I right click on the app and click on "upload to interact cloud" it prompts me with "error" prompt that like windows prompt. After I click ok on the error prompt, a second prompt pops up (looks more like an authentic interact builder prompt) and says my upload was successful. Then when I go to my other computer to download the app from the interact cloud, it prompts me with a "copy error".

Does anyone know a solution to this error or why this is happening?
New Update :

This is the error I copied when trying to download my app from another computer. I am unsure of why it isn't being uploaded to the cloud correctly and what I will need to do to fix this issue!  Please help and THANK YOU in advance!!!

InteractBuilder Version: 3.4 Build 361
Device: 700Z3A/700Z4A/700Z5A/700Z5B
Processor: 1 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~990 Mhz
Memory: 6,058 MB
System: NT 6.1

An error occurred while trying to download one of your Apps.

An error occurred while trying to download one of your Apps.

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>shared/101153/InteractCloud/102 - testing.zip</Key><RequestId>95E2F7F5E6B8B713</RequestId><HostId>rE+L3iH9Txuwiq9PaD6FBdcVRAXMAobwkFswmR+lIG37fa9SobKIMx3Sq3vBi88v</HostId></Error>

graphic id 10231105 of group id 10231102 of bkgnd id 10231100 of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",mouseUp,36
stack "libApp" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DownloadZippedApp,7335
stack "libApp" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DownloadApp,7404
stack "libApp" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",StartDownload,7476
stack "libApp" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DLError,7825
stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode",DoError,15404,button id 1004 of card id 1002 of stack "Behaviors" of stack "C:/Program Files (x86)/InteractBuilder/Local Components/Data/InteractBuilder.livecode"
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Could you try to download your app again using another Internet Connection? Let us know if this solve this situation. Thank you for your feedback.

I went over to a friends house and visited a McDonalds AND Starbucks. Still receiving the same error.
After I click ok on the error prompt this pops up.
Try to uninstall InteractBuilder, remove the remaining files in the InteractBuilder folder except of your apps, then try to reinstall InteractBuilder. Let us know if this solved the problem.
How will I know it will save my app?
InteractBuilder wont delete your apps when you uninstall it. You have to make sure you don't delete them when you want to delete the remaining files in the InteractBuilder ( except your app). But to make sure that everything is saved you can copy your apps safe in another folder as a backup.
The materials for each app are stored in folders on your computer. Here's some information about where you can find the app folder: Where is the app stored on my computer?
I have a seperate laptop. I re-downloaded the InteractBuilder, created another ebook (for a test) and got the same error trying to upload to interact cloud. 

I will next try to take my currently saved ebook files and copy and paste them in the default file for interact builder on the second computer and see if it pulls up the original ebook. 
Still getting the same error for uploading to interactcloud!!!
I am having the same problem  Did you find a solution?
We haven't been able to reproduce the problem but have reported it to our lead developer. Are you signed in to InteractBuilder and working with a steady internet connection?
Hi Eleisha, I am accessing my app on two computers using dropbox.  I just set the default folder to the same folder in dropbox on both computers.
I think he is asking can you access your (one) app from different computers and IP addresses?