Hole (patch) in the image, when combining page audio with fade-out effect

Ranco 11 years ago updated by Ezra Weinstein (Administrator) 11 years ago 3

when stacking one graphics over another and fading out the top one (by tap or automatically), AND at the same time an audio (such as narration) is being played, a patch is left in the middle of the lower texture:

Start:Image 10  

After click: Image 11

Here's an example:


It happens every time, can't miss. Have no one encountered this issue before???




Fixed in version 3.2.

Under review

Trying this on a Mac does not cause an issue.  We will do some testing on Windows.

For what it's worth, the hole size is 128x16, and it is located at 447x317, which is right in the middle - horizontally.

Happens all the time, same place, indeed - on Windows 7.

And only when there's sound attached, which is the strangest thing here


See the behavior when changing window size. It might give a clue to this issue:


(XVid video)

I had a similar experience just now in Interact mode, When I drag a frame animation through the center of the page there is a narrow piece of the background that seems to have pushed itself to the top layer. This covers the animation whenever it goes over this long narrow area in the center of the page. When the page opens it looks normal till the animation is dragged through this area.


Fixed in version 3.2.