added a page & now the app doesn't preview

iceartist 6 years ago updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 3
I had several pages built and when I clicked on interact it loaded & previewed just fine. Then I added a new page, at the beginnnig of the book. Now when I click "Interact", it goes to the website, but nothing happens, not even the box that says it's loading. When I delete the page, then it works again. Can any one help with this? Thanks.
Under review
I was able to reproduce this situation and forwarded to our lead developer. Thank you for your feedback.
This bug is specifically related to the option of adding a page before the first page.

Before this is fixed, it should work if you click "Select All" and then "Copy" so that you have everything from that new page and then delete the page.

Next, add a new page that's somewhere else in the app, not before the first page, and paste the elements. Then in the page manager you can change the order of the pages to make this page before the original first page.

Let me know if you have questions about any part of the process.