two elements cannot both have on page load actions

SeanB 6 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 6 years ago 3
I added element one, Action - Behavior: fadeOut 4000ms, Execute on page load: Yes
2 Interact > it worked
3 added element two, Chained Actions - Drop 4000ms, fadeOut 4000ms, Execute oh page load: Yes
4 Interact > no actions worked
5 Removed element 2 action 2 fadeOut
6 Interact > no actions worked
7 Removed element 2 action 1. Now only single element with single onPageLoad action
8 Interact > it worked

Expected: All elements with onPageLoad actions will have their actions executed
Actual: Adding another element with etc etc breaks all onPageLoad animations.

So apparently we must put all actions we want to run on page load into a single chain. Chains are unstable, I'd rather not use chains.
element 2 or something became corrupt, other page anims stopped working. Deleting element 2 resolve those, but not this bug.
Under review
Hello Sean, I was able to recreate this situation and found out that not the chained action is the problem, but the Drop behavior is not working. Thank you for your feedback.