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Manage Action Sets - hard to use (cannot choose parent for grouped actions)

Truman Kong 6 years ago updated by Inna Komarovsky 6 years ago 1
Using the Manage Action Sets dialog is a pain. Same actions are grouped together. So when I want to set the chains dependence, it is impossible to choose which action (in the group) to be its parent. I guess the program just set the parent to be the first action in the group.

Please let us choose or let us set the Parent Action Set manually in the Action tab. Or let us undo the grouping.
Under review
Hi Truman,

We're going to look into making this option available. For now, the action sets do show up separately as soon as they are indented under another action set.

If you have an instance where the parent action set has the same interaction as the child action sets, then you can temporarily give that one a different interaction (in the element's Action tab), chain the action sets, and then set the parent action set's interaction back to what it should be.

For example, if I have a (none)-Animate action set that is meant to play on page load and be followed by a different (none)-Animate action set, then I can set the interaction of the first action set to OnBrowserClose (or any interaction), chain the action sets, and then change the interaction back to "none," (If you need the parent action set to start on page load and there is no browser on the page, you could even leave the interaction as "OnBrowserClose.")

If there are other behaviors involved on the same element, then another way of separating your action set group would be to chain them after any of the other action sets so that they separate, then chaining them in the correct sequence before bringing the parent action set back to the left edge of the action set table.