intersection hide problem

Melissa Lind 10 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 10 years ago 2
I'm excited to use the new build. Fun stuff!

I'm having trouble with an intersection. I have element 1 moving across the screen on page load with a linear animation, when it intersects the edges of element 2 I want it to:

1. animate the second element
2. play an audio file
3. hide element 1

The first two work great, but it does not hide element 1.

The intersection tool is working much better than it was, but there are still some glitchy things happening. Like, the first time I tried to enter in a second intersection it wouldn't show the behavior until I closed it and came back. Also, the intersection screen does not always come up. Sometimes it just opens the pages screen and then I select the page, even though I'm on it already, select intersect again and it comes up.

Any ideas on hiding the element?
Hold up. Now it's hiding element two. Hm. Still having glitches with the intersection toolbar though.

I tried to recreate those problems and the only thing that I found wrong is that the target for audio behavior on intersections wont stick meaning I have to reselect the target. Other then that I managed to make a sample app :
303 - Intersection sample.zip