Work with Individual Words in a Group

Cate O'Donnell 6 years ago updated by Alin Alexandru Matei 6 years ago 3
Is there a way to add individual elements (such as narration) to one word, but add the words in one text box? I have been adding words in individual text boxes so that they can be "tapped" and audio will play. This works great, except I am having a hard time getting the spacing to look right between words.
To get the spacing to look more natural, here are two options I would suggest:

1. If the text uses audio but no highlighting, you can create one text element with all of the text and place a blank graphic element on top of each word. Each graphic element could have a separate action set to play the audio of the word underneath it.

2. Another option if you're not using text highlighting would be to write the text in Photoshop and separate the words into layers before importing the file into InteractBuilder. This will import the words as graphic elements in the same location they had in the Photoshop file.
Thank you so much! I will definitely use option 1.