Props Info does not update

SeanB 10 years ago updated by Inna Komarovsky 9 years ago 2
  1. Click an item, opening it's Props panel
  2. Click Info
  3. note it's position (15,91)
  4. click it's position, X field is selected
  5. enter 91 for X and click "Tap to Set". Item moves right to X=91
  6. Click now active Undo button, item moves back left to X=15
  7. Close the props window (which still says 91 - didn't update) by deselecting item
  8. select item
  9. open the Props window again
Expected: Info tab should show Location(X,Y)       15,91
Actual   it shows 91,91.

The props window never checks the actual position of the element since the Undo. Only after you manually move it.

Suggested fix: props/info/location should validate it has latest position of the element, to account for Undo actions.