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The same thing happens

Now when I try to open interact builder, its gone. I have to uninstall and re-install and I have done this about 8 times

I have downloaded the interact app to test my app and I dont know how to do it since its completely shuts down. I need this fixed!!! Help!!!!
any news on this ?!?!
Still getting the same error for uploading to interactcloud!!!
I have a seperate laptop. I re-downloaded the InteractBuilder, created another ebook (for a test) and got the same error trying to upload to interact cloud. 

I will next try to take my currently saved ebook files and copy and paste them in the default file for interact builder on the second computer and see if it pulls up the original ebook. 
This is happening to me too. I am using the simple color selection for now!

I went over to a friends house and visited a McDonalds AND Starbucks. Still receiving the same error.