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That's great! It's in the information about using Photoshop files and about exporting from Adobe Illustrator, but I"ll see if I can add the info in the more basic articles about image files as well. Good idea!
Is the InDesign file in RGB color mode or CMYK? InteractBuilder only uses files that are in RGB format. Possibly, the files that you had edited were changed to RGB while the ones that were exported directly from InDesign are still in CMYK?
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What steps did you take to save the jpg files and import them into InteractBuilder? I'll try to recreate this so that we can find a way around it or report the glitch to our lead developer.

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I've cleared your device list, so you should be all set to test your app again. Sorry for the problem, we're planning to look into fixing this in the future so that it keeps track of devices and not browser windows.

In app B, is the Jump behavior chained after the Tap-PlayAudio action set? If so, it might be that the Jump behavior is lagging when waiting for the audio to finish. Try instead creating a Tap-Jump action set with a Delay Before of a second or two so that it goes to the next page without depending on the PlayAudio behavior.
Thank you for posting that workaround! I tried it out and it works on my Mac as well. Since this workaround makes the font look correct in the browser, it should also work the same way in the final app.
Thank you for sending the sample! I see what I did differently in my test. On the static image, I had used the following action sets:

Tap-Show (the frame element)
Tap-Animate (the frame element), loop
Tap-PlayAudio, loop

In your sample, the second and third action sets are chained to happen after the first one. This makes sense, since you want to show the element before animating it, but actually it works fine if everything is set to happen at the same time.

It looks like the problem you found has to do with using any kind of looping behavior within a chain of action sets. I'll let Ken know about this problem. But for your app, you can fix the problem by taking the behaviors out of the chain and setting them to happen when the element is tapped.

I hope this helps!