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Hi Brook,
Regarding your first question, this is a problem we've noticed as well, and although I'm not sure myself how it works since I'm not on the programming team, I could give you a couple of workarounds to make sure the colors are consistent in your app.

Since you mentioned that you prefer the darker colors, which show up when files are imported as separate PNGs or animations but not as Photoshop documents, the workarounds for this would mean replacing the images assigned to the elements with PNG files.

1. First, there's a script in Photoshop for exporting the layers to PNGs. Open your Photoshop document, and go to File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files. In the window that comes up, you can select a destination and a file prefix (so that all of the exported files are together if they start with the same letters) and then run the script.

2. You'll get a separate file for each layer of the Photoshop image. If you'd like, you can run these through TinyPNG at this point. If you want to place the images yourself, you can just drag this group of files into InteractBuilder and go from there, but if you have a page where you want to keep the locations and action sets you've assigned, then you can use the ideas in step 3.

3. You have two options for replacing the files in your app folder with these new exported PNGs:
  • One option is to replace them by re-assigning the image file for each element. (Click on an element to see its properties, select the Image field, and then choose Select Image File.)
  • The other option is to give each file the same name as the matching file in your app folder. Once you rename the group of files, you can move them to your app folder. Since the files have the same names, you'll get a dialog box asking if you want to replace the files with the new ones, and you can select "Replace."
4. Once you replace the files, then you can go to InteractBuilder and go to the Manage screen (if you had the app open) and then back to your app to see the updates.

Alternatively, if you do decide that the lighter colors are ok and you would rather have the animation colors match the rest of the image, you can follow the steps under the "Corner Dots" heading of this user guide article: Setting Up Your Photoshop File.

(I'll address your other questions in a separate comment)
Just to clarify, is it still not working if you double-click the element?
Ok, I see. The first prompt is for naming the element, so the text there does not show up in the element itself. It's just for identifying the element as you organize your app. To type into the text element, you double-click the element itself (anywhere in the rectangle that represents your text element). Does it work if you double-click the element?
In this user guide article, we outline how to add a new element: Adding a New Element.
And here, you'll find specific information about text elements: Text Element.
Let me know if there are specific steps that need clarification. Thanks!
Hi Bob,
I'd be happy to help. At which point of the process do you run into a problem?

Yes, unfortunately at this point we haven't yet gotten special characters to work, although it is definitely planned since we want InteractBuilder to be as customizable as possible for people around the world.

I can try to help you find an easy way to import the text as graphic elements. What program are you using for editing the images for your app? What font are you currently using?
The blank screen could mean that there's a problem with something on one of the other pages. It could be one of the action sets or the type of file used on that page.

At this point, the text elements in InteractBuilder are having trouble with accent marks in the text. We're planning to make accent marks available in one of the future updates, but I often actually recommend importing text as graphic elements because it gives you the most flexibility for text styling and font choices, and this would also allow you to use any special characters that you would need.

Do you have any file names that include accent marks? Not long ago, we noticed that this can cause errors.
Ah ok, I just went into our system and corrected that information so that you can log in again.

(Sometimes InteractPlayer counts new browser windows as separate devices, so until we have a chance to fix this we are just making the adjustment manually if it comes up.)