Your comments

I'm not sure I have it.
because i reinstalled the application and it probably deletes old apps.
I'll do more tests ans Next time I'll face the problem I'll let you know.
BTW, did you fix something in the system?
Anyway, thanks for your help.
Dir Alin.
I tried once again to build one page and share it with myself.
Surprisingly it works all the way to me iPad (with no error during rendering)
I dont know if you did something but a simple page with picture and text works alright.
Do you want to see the file anyway?
Could you explain please were I can find the file?
Do you have a resolution for my problem?
I seriously considering buying the program, but I need to make sure that the app is working and the response time is faster...
I did what you suggested but the problem remain (the iPad InteractivePlayer crashes).
the version is 3.4.3 build 355 as of 2/20/14 11:02PM
Dont you think that the source of the problem is in preparing the file?
The iPad sees the book, but can not open it.
The application is crashed right after it starts opening the book.
The situation remain even though I install the Interactbuilder on another computer (windows8).