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As long as you're considering it, I'm a happy camper :)

Great news about the psd import. It's such a pain to adjust all the parts when you upload them to the project the other way. Perhaps I'll take a swing at it after all. Although, I would still love to see the draw underneath feature before going at it, so the kids can choose for themselves, and thus be more up to speed with what other apps are doing.

But thank you for this updated version of the tutorial :D
The import .psd function seems to work well for this. Have you cut the video after the import, or is all elements placed as they should be right away (as it looks like in the video?)

It's still very tedious work with tall the actions, but if the layers are already placed correctly right out of the gate, that takes away a huge chunk of the work :)

As a work-around, while we wait for new features that makes this easier, wouldn't it be possible to choose whether or not the transparent areas should be active or not? If they were'nt active, you could simply have one action for each graphic piece, right?
Hi Inna,

I'd love to see you do that with a more complex image.
If I send you an outline to use, will you try that?

I assume it still works like with the old duck tutorial?
You CAN create coloring pages. It just takes a really long time, unless you're sticking to very simple pictures. Have you tried it out? Perhaps it'll work better for your images than for mine? Depends a lot on the images.

I don't think you can do anything like free coloring without overcoloring the lines though, but you can make it paintbucket style (areas filling in with the chosen color).

I hope I'm wrong, and that amazing new tools/solutions have been created to solve this issue. I have not followed every single thread created since the release of the new version, so it's possible :)
I would love to see an easier way to create coloring pages too.
Created a topic about it 11 months ago.

I haven't tried the new version of the builder, but in the previous version it was tedious work that took way too long to do, for me to be interested in ever creating a coloring book, or even just a single page with anything but very simple shapes.
Hi Charmaine,

You can right-click (or ctrl+click) and choose "open" to work around that.
Here's an in-depth explanation (although the article is about Mountain Lion, it's still the same in Mavericks as far as I know).

Hope that works for you :)
  • In-app purchases. Will that be a possible with the new version?
    • This will not be available at release time. We will hopefully have support for In-App purchases by end of the year. Our focus was to migrate our engine first and then to start adding more features.
      • Okay. That sounds like a good strategy :)
  • Any help towards building coloring pages? The system in v3 is impossible to use for anything practical.
    • We have a lot of apps built in V3 with coloring pages, not sure what issues you ran into, but if you need some samples we can provide you with them. It is possible that what you are trying to accomplish might simply not be possible using our engine, but I would need more detail to answer that.
  • How will the market place work when it comes?
    • We will reveal more details on the marketplace once we are closer to launch which is still probably 2 months away.
      • I'll be looking forward to that :)
  • Will there be an embed feature for the web based apps, so they can be embedded on our websites and what not?
    • You can create a inline frame on your web site to host your app and embed it in one of your pages.
      • I know, but I think, it would be great if you would consinder making a button for that, to make it easier. You know, click the <embed/> button, and get the code :) That would also enhance the chance of an app being used around the net by others, and thus spreading the word about you and about the app/developer.

  • Browser Support
    We have tested on various browsers including Firefox, in most cases we find that the apps work, we cannot guarantee that every version of every browser and every operating system will work, but we will do our best. Our main goal is to support Chrome and Safari which are the most popular browsers followed by Firefox. The reality is that certain versions of some browsers simply do not have the support built in to them in order to run interactive apps. 
    • I was not talking about all browsers on all operating systems. I was asking for the biggest browsers right now. That would include: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (in that order).

      I would love to pretend like Firefox and Internet Explorer doesn't excist, but that's just stupid. They excist, and millions of people are using them.

      Firefox works fine with the apps from GameSalad (here's an example). So I'm sure there's something you can do, to fix whatever is wrong right now :) To ignore every other browser is a bad idea, but it's a far smaller part of the pie, than the 4 big ones. Safari and Internet Explorer isn't that big in numbers, but to ignore either of those, would be a bad business decision, in my opinion. I would never tell my clients, if I build a website for them, that they'd only be able to view it in Chrome or Safari (and that they should let their visitors know that they don't give a flying f*** about them, if they don't use the browsers that we think they should use).

      So please reconsider this. It's important.

I appreciate all your hard work, and I hope that I'll be able to use IB for my apps :)
Great news, that the new version of the builder is finally here. But I didn't hear much about new things for the stuff that I was hoping for. So just to check, if you just didn't mentioned them, or if they are planned, or not planned at all:

  • In-app purchases. Will that be a possible with the new version?
  • Any help towards building coloring pages? The system in v3 is impossible to use for anything practical.
  • How will the market place work when it comes?
  • Will there be an embed feature for the webbased apps, so they can be embedded on our websites and what not?
And another thing:
Are you working on fixing browser related issues? I clicked on the newsletter when it arrived, and the result in Firefox was less than overwhelming. None of the videos worked, and I couldn't turn the sound off (the last part sounded like something you meant to put in, so perhaps you just forgot). But I'm really concerned about only certain browsers working with it. Is it just video that isn't working, or is it other things too? I would never publish a browser dependent app (and neither should you). It should at least work with the latest major browsers.
Looking forward to trying it out, and to see if you fixed some of the issues from v3, since everything I tried to build, was flawed by something that should have been working, but didnt'.

I have waited for this new version, before deciding whether to stay with Interact Builder, or look for something else, and it looks like you've fixed some major problems like speed and other things, which is great :)
Have you tried to right-click and choose open from there?