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Good to know, thanks Ezra!
The way I do this is to close InteractBuilder.
Go to your hard drive and go to:
Documents folder > Ineractbuilder > Your App Folder > Cache and delete the file within the folder named interact.cache  When you reopen the Builder it will create a new cache file in that folder.

Gee thanks Ezra, I know how busy you are and appreciate this kindness!  I haven't made any updates as I also have had issues synching but know you'll get it worked out when you can and saw that you'll be releasing a new build in the near future.
Hi Ted, in case  you haven't tried this already, you can create a movie clip in flash with a tweened animation, then right click on the movie clip and export it as a png sequence.  You can then import the frames of the png into interact builder as an animation. (You might want to optimize each frame of the animation before bringing it into the builder though).  I'll defer to the folks at Interactbuilder to answer your specific question though.
Sorry to report this, but after I updated to the 4.1 version today, my app still stops syncing at page 46.  After I installed the update, a Database is Locked error message was displayed.  I closed and reopened the program ok but my app won't complete synching.  I repeated the steps Alin recommended but problem persists even with the updated 4.1 version. Thanks for your help.  I know software development isn't easy but I'm hopeful you'll be able to resolve this issue.  
Hi Alin,

I tried both of your suggestions but unfortunately my app stops syncing at page 18.  I'll try again after you update the software in the next build which Ezra said would be released soon.  

Kind regards,

Hi Inna,

I works ok with one image in my test app  and the icon displays in the interact player.com site and the test app launches when I click the icon.  
I should have also mentioned that when I first opened IB4, my app stopped the syncing process at about page 45 and  so I wonder if that might be the problem?  
In the recent Webcast I thought Ezra said this would be possible in version 4?  Thanks for checking. 
Thanks Ezra and Alin.  I'll try that.  Do you know if the end users of my app will also have to do this once I get them published in the app stores?  Thanks.