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Hey Alex, I've been waiting 9 months now for my app to be published. I still have hope that they're going to fix the problems, but I hope you haven't invested too much time or money into this yet.
It does that for me as well. I ended up just making sure to do the pages in the right order from the beginning.. not ideal.
I didn't realise we could do it ourselves.. I thought we had to do the 'publish' option, then wait for IB guys to convert it to .apk or whatever the iOS file type is called. I would be distributing it myself yeah, I've got a Google developer account already, and will get an apple one when my first apps are ready to go live. 
Will have to look at the user guide properly to see about doing it myself. Please let me know how it goes if you can do it (and send a link to the user guide page please!), I'd want to save Ezra and the team some work if I can, but as I said I thought that they had to do it for us.
Hi Sean, I've been trying to get an answer for a week. Last week I was told that the iOS issues hadn't been resolved, and until Apple does an iOS8 update, they don't know a way around it. I said I wanted it to still be published on Android which Ezra said he'd do, but haven't heard back yet, despite writing several times. I imagine it's very stressful for them at the moment but I wish I wasn't being kept in the dark. Unless the memory issue has been resolved since last week then that's all I know.
Think I'm in the same boat as you mate.
Hey, I made a colour selection tool of my own, with 160 colours. Here is a screenshot of it:
If you want to buy it from me as a larger, more simple version of the automatic one you've made, I'd happily accept a free app publishing! 

Hey, any answer about this?
Ah! Nevermind, I found it in my Documents (I never use that folder so I didn't think to check there).
Hi Inna, noob question, but how do I install that example after I've downloaded it? I had a look in my file manager and I can't see which folder I should drop it into.. (I'm using Windows)
Hi Inna, that is a shame. For us with this app it is very much a case of the more colours the better for the selection. I work for a fabric designer, and they want to offer their clients the chance to create any colour scheme imaginable using their designs. 
I would like to see the sample app that uses what you suggested please. Would I be able to download and copy it?
Hi Inna,
Did your lead developer think it would be something they would be able to fix easily? I'm itching to publish these apps! I'm just afraid that the small selection box would really put people off and would cause sales to suffer..