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Read to Me in InteractPlayer

russellshaffer 7 jaar geleden bijgewerkt 7 jaar geleden 2
Thanks to Alin Matel's advice a couple months ago, I've been able to get the read-to-me function working on my book -- but only on my computer. When I share the book with myself and read it on my iPad, the read-to-me option doesn't work. There are other sound effects, there's just no reading sound. Any ideas on why this is/how I can fix it? Thank you for your time and feedback.
Under review
Could you share that app with alin@interactbooks.com or send it over to alin@interactstudios.com and we will take a look at this situation. Thank you for your feedback.
Alin, I just shared my app with you. If you'd like to email what you figure out to my personal email, you can respond to that. Either way, thank you for taking the time time figure out what's going on with my app and helping me prep it for publication.