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Jen Hoyte 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 6
Is there a way to position the popup displayed by SetText?  Alternatively to allow the user to move the window?  It is covering up what they need to be looking at as they enter information in the popup.
Under review
So far this feature is not available but it's a nice idea.I will let our develop leader know about this idea. Thank you for your feedback.
Hi Jen,
If there is only one area per page on which the user can type, you might consider using a note element instead of a text element with SetText, because with notes the user types directly into the space instead of typing in the pop-up window. You can click here to read more about note elements: Notes.
Ok So i am checking out the Notes feature again.  I have created a fresh version 4 app.  
On the first page it should just say:  Testing Save Notes.  When it loads it says: Changing Text.
On the second page sometimes when it loads, clicking anywhere in the page takes it to the next page.  This is not intentional.
But on the second page, enter text into Note area. clicking the Next page element at the bottom right, should Save the notes, and Close the notes.  (Had to specifically CloseNotes or it is left visible on all the pages, even though it is a PageNotes.)  So far so good.
Go to page 3.   Type into the new note.  Then back up by clicking bottom left of page.  Page 2 note appears but it is blank.  
So maybe it did not load.  So I add a text element that is set to LoadPageNotes on tap.  Sometimes, it pops back to page 1 or to page 3 when clicked, but it still does not show the notes that should have been saved.
Any ideas?
Note that I just loaded the latest release.
I have emailed the app to support@interactstudios.com.
Hi Jen, I've tried creating a sample app for note element and it seems the SaveNotes behavior is not working. I've forwarded this problem to our lead developer. 
One thing that you need to know for the second page of your app is that you added the Next Page  and Prev Page elements without disabling the Turn Page feature of InteractBuilder as in the image below:

Thank you for your feedback.
Hello, any update on this as yet?  I need this as soon as possible. Thanks.