Jen Hoyte 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 7
It does not appear that SaveText works if the app is made public.  What is supposed to happen?  Where is the text being saved?  and since it is public, will other people be able to see what someone else entered?  Thanks.
Under review
Actually to have the text save and updated everytime you revisit that page you need to have the Save Page State to Off, as in the example below:

Save text.zip

The On element will let you set the text element. Then Next element will save the text element and after a second will jump to the second page.
On the second page I've only added the Prev element will let you navigate back to the first page.
Since you set SavePageState to Off on the first page, the update of the text element will occur. Let us know if you are still having questions to this topic. Thank you for your feedback.
Thank you and it works for the first page.
But I see now it's on the other pages it does not work.  I will email the updated file. 
Yes because the text element is not global is only on the first page.
Yes it's 2 different text elements (just have the same name).  I would like to save the text entered into both so when they come back to the page it is still there.
The thing you forgot to do is to set the SavePageState to page 2 to Off. Set it to Off and it will work.
Yes!  that works.  Thanks much.  Now i have to get it to work on the version 3 app.  Will let you know.